​The Hilarious Text This Dad Sent Threw One Mother Into A Total Panic​ — Too Funny!

Bobby Wesson and his wife, Rayena, are pretty much the definition of #relationshipgoals.

They’re the type of people who love to laugh and have a good time with one another, and it shows. But every once and a while, Bobby goes to extremes for the sake of a good laugh. What better way to freak out his wife on April Fool’s Day than to try and convince her that while watching their young son, there had been a small accident with some hair clippers.

Unfortunately, the stressed-out trauma nurse wasn’t laughing and was ready to kill her husband until he finally let her in on the joke.

Anything that starts with a “heeeey” that long can’t be promising. Check out the hilarious exchange below!

This follow-up video was totally necessary. Damn, Bobby!

(via Scary Mommy)

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Now I’m a sucker for a good prank, but I don’t think I could ever commit to something like this. Share this epic prank with all your mischievous friends so they can get a head start on next April Fool’s Day!

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