Kitten Trapped Behind Electrical Box Saved By Pokémon Go Player Who Heard His Cries

This summer, it seemed like everyone was outside playing Pokémon Go.

For both old and young alike, it was a way to get outdoors to exercise, and it became a surprisingly social activity. One Portuguese woman happened to be out playing on a particularly hot day when few people were around. She passed by an electrical post and heard the faintest cries coming from behind it.

She posted the story of what happened next on Imgur, and it’s absolutely adorable.

Stuck behind the post hanging by only his head was a tiny kitten. He had been there for a while and was almost too weak to cry.

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She decided to call the fire department and they tried using oil and a broomstick to squeeze him out. No such luck.

That’s when they decided to get out the tools and attempt to move the post the poor kitty was stuck on. Again, nothing budged.

They tried everything and it seemed like all hope was lost.

Eventually, with the help of police and an electrical company, they were able to bend the post just far enough to get the kitten out.

He was scared and looked scruffy and dirty. She called him “the ugliest cat,” but she took him home for the night.

He hissed and scratched at his new family at first, but they managed to give him a bath to reveal his golden fur.

Her father called him Spock because of his big ears and the family couldn’t bear to take him to the shelter.

He was so young that he needed to be fed out of a syringe, and eventually, he started to feel more comfortable with them.

Four months later, Spock is happy and healthy! He also grew out of his awkward “ugly duckling” phase and is absolutely beautiful!

He’s still working on his socialization skills, but this guy couldn’t be in better hands. Thank goodness they were able to save his life!

(via BoredPanda)

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Check out Spock’s full story here. It took so many people to save him, but the young woman who found him is so glad they helped. SHARE their inspirational story with your animal-loving friends.

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