She Saw A Figure In The Middle Of The Road. What Happened Next Made Her Speed Away

If you saw a small child alone outside, would you stop to help?

When a 33-year-old woman from Newport, North Carolina, was driving home at 1:30 a.m. one night, she spotted a small figure in the middle of a street. Thinking that it might be a child, she stopped her car next to it to get a closer look. It was then that her car was approached by two men dressed in black who attempted to get inside.

Before they could make their way into her car, she sped off. Police are currently investigating the incident, and they’re warning all drivers to always keep their doors locked.

After the woman reported what had happened, police discovered this small dummy made to look like a child at the scene. From a distance, I’m sure it was very convincing.

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For more information regarding this case, check out the video below:


Carteret County deputies have since spoken with three juveniles who say that the event was a prank gone wrong. They claim that they placed the dummy in the road so that someone would run over it and think they had hit a real person. No charges have been filed as of this writing.

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